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How to Treat Laser Hair Removal Burns

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Before we jump to treating the laser hair removal burns, it’s essential first to know what caused them. If you’re not sure exactly how laser hair removal works, we’ll cover that in this article as well.

What is Laser?

Many are unaware that LASER is an acronym short for; Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A lot of the definition is explained in the abbreviation itself. Laser light refers to the emission of focused radiation.

Because of their ability to target tight spots, lasers have proven to be very effective in skin-related treatments and are especially a huge success in hair removal.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Get Rid of Your Hair?

When light is transmitted to your hair, the melanin in your hair absorbs it, transforms it into heat, and destroys the hair follicles — which are tube-shaped sacs that form the hair.

How does laser hair removal make sure hair doesn’t grow back?

One common misconception is that laser hair removal is permanent, but it is a long-term hair removal treatment that delays hair growth rather than a permanent one. The laser targets the hair follicles and destroys them, and because there’s no follicle, there is no hair growth for six weeks.

What Causes the Burns?

Laser hair removal is not a painful procedure in any way. Burns are usually a result of prolonged laser contact. Burns are also common in areas of the body where there’s thin skin, so it is the practitioner’s job to adjust the energy levels. So if you are suffering from burns post-treatment, chances are your practitioner has messed up.

As mentioned earlier, the laser light gets converted to heat — the energy responsible for destroying the hair follicle — which is the burning sensation you feel during your treatment.

Although the hair follicle is inside the skin, the laser light travels through the epidermis, where you feel discomfort.

Precautions You Should Take to Avoid and Relieve Burns

If you have been the victim of unprofessional laser hair treatment, don’t worry. Most burns are first-degree burns similar to typical heat burns — they are usually mild but can be severe at times.

First things first, the most efficient method to minimize the burns is to cool off the area promptly. It is recommended to cool them down as quickly as possible. It is the quickest approach to treating burns, which helps them heal faster.

Mild burns are typically treated by cooling them down, but you should seek professional medical help if your burns persist. Antibiotic creams applied to the afflicted region might be used to treat more severe burns. Creams are quite helpful in soothing the area, but you must use a doctor-prescribed cream since using the wrong cream might worsen your burns.

GentlePro Max – A Dynamic Cooling Device that Helps in Reducing Burns

As previously indicated, the most prevalent cause of burns is improper laser hair removal treatment. As a result, the best way to avoid burns is to have the procedure done by a professional at a reliable beauty center with reliable hair removal services.

Which is what makes Crystal Skin and Beauty one of the best places in Tampa, Florida, to get your laser hair removal treatment done safely and effectively. Using cutting-edge technology, Crystal Skin and Beauty clinic houses one of the best laser hair removal machines — GentlePro Max.

The GentlePro Max has a built-in cooling device that instantly soothes your skin and prevents any discomfort that may be otherwise experienced during the procedure.

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The GentlePro Max cooling device shields the epidermis and prevents the skin from being burned by laser light. The laser light travels to the hair follicle, destroying and damaging it and preventing hair growth for the following few weeks.


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